What are white ants?

‘White ants’ is another name for termites, although they are not related to the ant family (formicidae); they’re actually more closely related to cockroaches! They’re called this because their bodies, legs and sometimes heads are a beige-y white colour, and they are similar in size to large ants. They borrow through and eat wood, causing structural damage to properties, as well as creating unsightly and sometimes unsafe mounds/nests.

Why are there so many white ants in Sydney?

Many older homes are made largely of wood that is not anti-termite treated. Even modern homes are susceptible to damage; they may be built with wooden frames, and may not have an anti-termite barrier added during the construction phase. In addition, Sydney’s temperate climate is conducive to them thriving.

What can I do about white ant control on my Sydney property?

You can call us at Sydney Termites Services! We’ll identify the extent of the infestation, determine what steps need to be taken to Ant Pest Control Sydney, and make recommendations regarding future protection. Whether you’re just in the planning stages of building your new home, or whether you’d like to protect an older property, we’re here to help.

What is your treatment protocol?

The steps we take vary depending on the type of property we’re looking at, and the extent of the infestation and/or damage. In all cases, we undertake a thorough inspection first, and will only ever use environmentally friendly chemicals for Ant Pest Control Sydney. Call us on 0448449075 to arrange your free quote.

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