Termite Inspections and Treatment

Insect infestation is an unpleasant experience for both home and business owners and can cause devastating damage to your property. Whether you require termite treatment in Pymble, Wahroonga, Turramurra or surrounds, rely on the experts at Sydney Termites for the best solution. We can inspect and assess your property in order to develop a solution that ensures your space is pest free.

When it comes to subterranean termites, a thorough inspection must be carried out to see the scope of the infestation and perhaps the source before treatment options can be planned. Like any other insect infestations, you need to reduce the risk of getting termites by reducing their chances of accessing food and water.

Prevention is key

While inspections are important to discover infestations early and devise effective pest control solutions, preventing an infestation in the first place is always a better solution. Here at Sydney Termites, we believe prevention is the fundamental element of termite treatment, and we strongly encourage all property owners to do all they can to keep these pests at bay.

Removing termites from your home

The number one rule of effective termite control is keeping the food and water away from pests. In case of termites, remove their food and water source. Go around the house and remove loose timber in the yard. Go under your house and clear the area from any wood and timber debris. Improve your subfloor ventilation and drainage so termites don’t have access to water. With all of these prevention methods in place, you can reduce your risk of infestation and, in turn, minimise the need for pest control services to save your property.

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    Termite mound removal

    Every year we watch horror stories on TV where the poor home owner is losing her home to termites. To avoid this you need to have a regular termite inspection for your home and Australian standards recommend at least one inspection a year.

    We can provide inspections and pest control throughout greater Sydney

    Even if you know termites are already inside your home, we suggest you do a complete termite inspection of your property first. As it is already too late to keep them away, you now need to eradicate them with an effective termite treatment. I personally would use an environmentally friendly eradication technique to get rid of them. Using safe termicides will reduce the need for cutting more trees to replace the eaten timber. In my opinion as a termite exterminator, you need to be careful not to use a wrong product to eradicate them.

    Companies like Dupont, BAYER or BASF spent over a billion dollars to develop chemicals against termites and other pests. If applied correctly, they are extremely effective and many of them are also as environmental as household soft cleaning products. Using eucalyptus oil or vinegar against termites will result in more termite damage and more trees to be cut to replace the wood. Go hard on termites! Avoid undocumented household chemicals to kill them. Visit termitetutorials.com for more information on eradication techniques.

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    To ensure fast and effective results you can trust, rely on us for an affordable solution.

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