Termite inspections for home owners in Sydney

Sydney homes have a high termite risk

Timbers – HIGH RISK of termite attack

The most comprehensive inspection service is a combined building and pest inspection Sydney offers a bunch of them. Such inspections are quite popular in Sydney and it covers both timber pests and building defects. As per the inspections, one amongst the five homes in Sydney are victimised with timber pest which often causes accidents as in case of any wooden chair or roof is under the attack of timber pests they can collapse at any time.

Some of the timber pests include termites, wood rot, wood borers etc. They weaken timber structures like roofs, wall, floor, door frames, chairs, stairs, decks etc.

What is covered during a termite inspection?

During any pest inspection Sydney agencies look for the following:

  • Evidence of any termite damage or any previous termite treatment which is very important or any Subterranean termites
  • Evidence of any damage caused by timber borers.
  • Evidence of wood rots to avoid any potential danger in timber structures such as rotten timber balconies, steps, railings etc.

Buyers and sellers should arrange Inspections:

Real estate buyers in Sydney should arrange for building and pest inspections during the cooling off period of 5 days after they have bought any property in exchange of contracts. During this cooling off period buyers can cancel the contract if after the inspection of any major building defect or pest damage is observed. Often the property vendors organise such inspections when they sell their properties.

What tools are used during a termite inspection?

Pest Inspection Sydney services use state-of-the-art equipment like:

  • Moisture meters
  • Bore scopes (helps in visual access inside walls and other enclosed voids)
  • Thermal imaging cameras.
  • Sounding equipment
  • Listening devices

What happens after the inspection?

After the inspection is complete the following details should be provided to the customers:

  • Summary of total pest attack
  • Recommendation of proper pest management plans

How much susceptible the structures are to the pest attacks and how it can be eliminated totally or to a certain extent.

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