Pest Control Techniques And Safe Pesticides

Eliminate any kind of pest from your household

Numerous Sydney pest control agencies are there who will provide you with all-round service both in your domestic and business areas to totally eliminate any kind of pest from your household as well as commercial areas. Each one of the pests is treated differently so that they can be eliminated totally and their re-growth can also be prevented.

Sydney has many cosy and warm nooks for which these tiny little creepy creatures love to hide and build their nests and increase their family tree but many agencies now based in Sydney are working for eliminating such nuisance. Some of the services offered by most of the popular agencies are:

  • Vacuum cleaners for bugs and nests as they would suffocate inside the bags.
  • Pheromone traps, flytraps, jar traps, etc.

Low-Risk Pesticides

  • Professional teams from Sydney pest control agencies use pesticides like boric acid which they dust in the cracks and crevices which is poisonous to crawling insects like cockroaches, ants, spiders, silverfish etc. but is less poisonous to humans and other mammals.
  • Tamper-resistant bait boxes are used which is highly effective and a much safer choice than sprays, powders or pellets which spread pesticide residues. These traps are useful for catching rodents and insects.
  • Insecticidal and fatty acid soaps kill soft-bodied insects like fleas, caterpillars, mites etc. when they come in contact with them. They are also harmless to human beings and mammals.
  • These agencies use physical controls and less toxic products to manage the problems.
  • Professionals from Sydney pest control agencies control pest by blasting critters with eco-friendly pesticides that are poisonous to pests only.

Apart from this, moisture meters, bore scopes, thermographs, chimney caps are used for pest detection purposes. Applying gels and bait are the best treatment of termites.

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