Keep The Pests At Bay With The Best Pest Control Techniques

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May 18, 2016
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Best Pest Control Techniques

Controlling pests is a very important part in your daily home maintenance. Some pests cannot be noticed and other pests like cockroaches, rats, mice cause infections and illness in your family. Some spider bites can even kill. So it is necessary to take immediate action against these pests.

Parramatta is a high-risk termite area so proper inspection, monitoring, pre-construction barriers and baiting are required. Some of the common preventive measures for pest control Parramatta have to consider are:

  • Poisoned bait: This method is mainly used to control rat population, but is not an effective way to control the rat population as there are many other food sources such as dustbins and garbage dumps. Moreover, very often poisoned meats were used in the past to control the population of wolves and birds, but this in this process, not only the targeted animal but other innocent animals were affected. So the process in not so effective and disrupts the food chain.
  • Burning the Field: This process is mainly carried out in the fields, where after the crop is harvested, rodents, insects and their eggs are killed.
  • Hunting:In pest control Parramatta there are teams of rat-catchers who work to catch hold of rodents and kill them with dogs and other hand tools.
  • Pesticides: In huge farmlands, if pest control is needed pesticides are sprayed through planes, trucks or by hand. Crop dusters fly over farmlands and spray the insecticides to kill the pests that threaten the crops.

Space Fumigation: This is a process in which the area infected with pests is covered in a large airtight container with a very small opening through which a concentrated poisonous gas is passed into it to kill all the pests. This method is expensive, but it can kill pests at all stages of its life cycle.

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