Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I have discovered termites in my home! What do I do?

Most importantly DO NOT DISTURBS THEM!  If you have discovered a termite infestation or believe you have discovered one but are not sure you need to contact a us straight away.  You can call us any time on 0448 449 075 or take pictures of the infestation or insects you have found and email them to us and we will arrange to come out and inspect your property as soon as possible.

Why shouldn’t I disturb tetmites if I find them?

The reason we ask you not to disturb them in any way, including removing timber or debris from around the nest or spraying with household insect repellant, is because of two reasons, firstly, the termites, if disturbed, may decide to move the colony or feeding area to other parts of the home which will make them harder to locate and eradicate, and secondly, we use the natural feeding and cleaning routines of the termites to ensure that our toxins are delivered to the whole population right down to the queen of the colony so that we ensure the colony cannot simply repopulate once the treatment phase is over.

Why are termite inspections so important?

If you live in Sydney, termite inspections (annually or more frequently) are important for protecting the structural integrity of your home. Our temperate local climate allows these unwanted intruders’ colonies to thrive as the temperature and humidity remains fairly stable, especially when they are insulated inside the wooden structure of our home!

During an annual inspection, a professional inspector knows how to identify the early warning signs of the presence of these unwanted house guests, so you can get the right intervention and treatment before it’s too late. If an infestation is allowed to go on undetected, your property might suffer serious structural damage that costs thousands to repair in very little time.

What does a termite nest look like?

A nest is a rounded, muddy looking structure that appears on the side of the wood being occupied. Nests can be as small as a clenched fist, and grow very large, taller than a person if left untouched for long periods of time! Unlike regular anthills, they are relatively solid. In many situations (especially in the bush where they thrive) they can form quite interesting shapes, including large complex towers and almost sculptural forms. If you find a structure that you suspect might be a termite nest, call a pest control professional immediately.

How do I get rid of a termite mound on my Sydney property?

Mounds need to be deal with in stages before they can be destroyed and removed.

Firstly, the colony needs to be eliminated, to prevent migration and further damage. Ideally this should be done with an environmentally friendly product, to avoid harming pets and local wildlife. Then, the full extent of the mound needs to be accurately identified before it is removed carefully in stages.

Removing the mound in stages means that every bit can be thoroughly removed from the area, and it also acts as a safety measure. If the damage is extensive, supports or backfill may be required. Depending on the size and location of the mound, special tools and extra safety precautions may be required. Contact us for a quote, we can advise on the time frame for removal.

Can I put a termite barrier in place to stop termites from getting in?

Yes, Termite Barriers are preventative measures designed stop termites from being able to access your home in the first place. They are an effective way of preventing infestation because, unlike chemical only solutions, they do not wear away or weaken with time. There are many different options when it comes to barriers ranging from steel designs to webbing treated with pyrethroid. Which one is right for you will depend on factors such as the age, size and design of your house, your budget and any local council regulations that may be in place in your area.

What is your termite treatment price?

The cost of treatment in Sydney will vary slightly depending on your location, the design of your home, and the extent of the infestation. We are happy to provide advice and assistance with a cost-effective option to meet your needs.

Our termite inspection service starts $298. Contact or call us on 0448 449 075 for a free quote that’s tailored to your individual needs.