My name’s Brad – I’m one of Sydney’s leading experts on Termites!

My journey into termite control began around 15 years ago in my brand new home in a beautiful bushy suburb of Sydney. My neighbour told me that he had spent thousands of dollars installing monitoring stations against termites and that it was an ongoing issue for him and the other homes in the street. How was I meant to afford this kind of termite protection? How do I save my home now?  If only I’d had a pre-purchase inspection done on the home would I have still decide to buy in this area? It was the cause of many sleepless nights for me.

My background
Termite control expert Brad
Termite mound being removed
Termite barrier being installed in home
Termite inspection in home

My background

I have a background in mechanical engineering where I did my honours degree in Total Quality Management, but I knew nothing about termites! How could I use my skills to save my home? This became my passion. I decided to do a pest control course and work as an apprentice to learn all I could about pest management. During this time, I enrolled in every course and seminar that I could find by big chemical companies like BAYER, DUPONT, BASF and others on termite products and eradication techniques where I eagerly soaked up all the information, empowered by what I was learning.

I became qualified and started a new career as a full time pest controller specializing is termite management. Since that time I have inspected and treated hundreds of Sydney homes for termites and other pests.

Teaching home termite control

I teach Home Termite Control at Macquarie Community College where I teach homeowners how to conduct their own building pest inspection, as well as how to protect against termite infestation and eradicate existing termites in their homes.

Termite Tutorials

Last year I spent a year preparing a site called Termite Tutorials where I share my knowledge through online videos tutorials.

Everyone can access these tutorials in installments with at total of 4 hours of entertaining footage on termite inspection, termite treatment, termite barrier options and termite prevention.

You can watch the first part, ‘Termite Identification’ for free on YouTube  or you can watch the whole series here:

My passion is to help you live in a termite free home while using the most environmentally responsible eradication and prevention techniques available.