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Leading termite control and inspection experts

Licensed & Accredited

We’re specialists in termite control. Our termite inspectors are all fully licensed and accredited.

Sydney Wide Service

We offer affordable residential and commercial termite control services Sydney wide.

1000’s of Homes Saved

Our services have saved 1000’s of homes around Sydney from costly termite damage.

What our clients are saying…

“Thank you, Sydney Termites, for your caring, prompt and effective service after we discovered termites living in our kitchen. It was such a stressful time for us and we really felt as if you took care of everything, even packaging our services together like that to help us reduce the overall cost. I feel safe knowing that he termite colony is now gone and that your regular inspections will ensure that we never have to go through that again!”

– Veronia, Pymble

“Brad from Sydney Termites was very knowledgeable and personable. After he had performed his inspection of our home (fortunately we did not have termites) he took that time to show us around the property and point out to us any areas of concern and shared tips about how to reduce risk in these areas. We really appreciated the information and felt as if he cared about us keeping our home safe from termites as much as we did. He even showed up when he said he would! We will definitely be getting him back every year.”

– Gerard, Chatswood

“Thank you Sydney Termites! If it wasn’t for your thorough inspection who knows how long it would have been until we discovered the termite colony in the roof?! I hate to think what would have happened if we hadn’t called you when we did. Really, we can’t thank you enough. Highly recommended.”

– Janet, Willoughby

“Brad, Sydney Pets Controller attended our property to investigate termite and rodent issues for our property. He quickly identified the issues conducive to termite and rodent attack and introduced relevant remedies. We were totally happy with the service and professionalism. He seems to be very knowledgeable in his field and would have no hesitation in recommending Brad’s services.”

– Julian, Elanora Heights

“I was extremely impressed by the service given by Brad when he came to inspect my property in Turramurra for termites. He was very thorough and presented the results in an easily understood manner. Brad also carried out the treatment process efficiently and cost effectively. I would not hesitate to recommend Brad to anyone wanting to termite-proof their home.”

– Ros W, Turramurra

Preventative Termite Control

We have inspected thousands of homes with a great number of them having active infestations. In most cases they could have been prevented had the owners gotten an effective termite barrier system installed. Our job as termite control specialists is to pinpoint those areas of high risk during the inspection process and educate you in prevention.

Whether you’re looking for a pre-purchase termite inspection of a Sydney property, or would just like to make sure your own business is clean and clear from all types of pests, we’re here to help. Should you have an active population, it’s best not to disturb them and book an inspection as soon as you can. We need to see and identify them to develop an eradication plan that suits your home structure and species of infestation.

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Termite Inspections from $298

Use the form below to organise a termite inspection. One of our team members will contact you within 24hrs. If you’d like to make a booking over the phone call 0448 449 075 

    Termite Pest Control

    Prevent termite damage in your home with a termite barrier

    We can recommend appropriate barrier systems and forms of affordable residential and commercial pest control services Sydney, wide, for eastern, western & northern homes, to reduce the risk of future infestation.

    Termite Barrier Installation

    We use the latest in environmental pest management products that protect your family and pets. You may be surprised at the stunning results that can be achieved using nothing but organic pest control products!

    We specialise in installing barriers, such as sub-floor barriers, perimeter barriers and new pre-construction home barriers that meet local council specifications for pest control, as well as Australian Standards.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How much do termite inspections cost?

    Termite inspection costs can vary depending on several factors including your location and the size of your home. Our inspection service starts at $298. Contact us today for a quote.

    What is a termite barrier?

    Termite barriers are materials that are designed to help prevent termites from causing extensive damage to your home. There are different types of barrier systems including sub-floor barriers, perimeter barriers and pre-construction home barriers.

    What areas of Sydney do you service?

    We provide termite inspection & termite pest control services for the greater Sydney area.

    I think I have termites, how do I confirm?

    If you think your property or house has termites do not distrub them and schedule an inspection as soon as possible. You’re welcome to email us photos of insects if you are not sure what they are.